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Jaffna Muslim Association – UK

Founded in 2002, Jaffna Muslim Association is a non-profit charity organization created to help the people who were forcibly displaced from the town of Jaffna in Sri Lanka in 1990.

Jaffna Muslim Association focuses on providing help to this community in Sri Lanka. We have provided financial help for widows, education for children, medical help for those who need it, built buildings necessary to the community.

Annually, JMA provides Qurbani and Fitra services in the United Kingdom to help Muslims from the Northern Province as a result of the Sri Lankan Civil War. It builds a bridge between a separated communities and brings them together once more.

In the United Kingdom, various programmes are held to keep the community together- community Iftars, Eid celebrations, Children’s programmes in 0rder to introducing our own community and educate them homeland back in Srilanka.

We believe that uniting the community and improving the lives of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka is very important, hence why JMA officially became a registered non-profit charity organisation in 2011, to further our goals. In more recent times, the community have been trying to re-build their lives in Sri Lanka and re-settle into the area from which they were displaced with the considerable amount of help from JMA.

Our Projects are aimed at the needy. We plan these under the following major categories.

  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Food & Water solution
  • Education
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Orphans and children’s
  • Emergency Relief
  • Zakat
  • Fitra & Qurbani

When we involve and deliver projects, we always directly interact with the beneficiaries at grass root level. This way we know, your donations and contributions are 100% utilised and delivered to the poor and needy.

Contact :-

Email:- jmauk@ymail.com

Website:- Jaffnamuslimuk.org

Facebook :- Jaffna Muslim Association UK