Sri Lanka Northern Muslims Civil Society (SL-NMCS)


Forming a Platform of social organizations and social activists to engage, in essential affairs of Northern Muslims such as Fundamental Rights, Resettlement, Reconciliation, Socio Political Affairs, to formulate policies, planning, and guidance, to the Sri Lankan Northern Muslims

General functions

The above system needs to be implemented through a very simple mechanism. It does not necessarily resemble the form of NGOs. While more attention is paid to the activities of discussions, planning and negotiations, excessive involvement in development projects will not be carried out through this organization.

To carry out propaganda, consultations, diplomatic talks and discussions, along with the policy guidelines and the north Muslim community stance for dealing with any social issue based on the proposals made on any social issue. The organization will be able to present the relevant activities and to ensure progress in a series of activities.

Financial Regulations

The basic funding for this organization is based on the annual subscription provided by the members, as well as any established body can carry out funding for special projects with the approval of the executive committee, so that the details of the establishment institution are to be kept transparent.


  • Act as an umbrella body of the community based organizations and coordinate them
  • Conducting discussions on social issues
  • Preparation of policies, positions and plans
  • Educate the mass and the relevant institutions

Executive committee of the Sri Lanka Northern Muslims Civil Society (SL-NMCS)

Chairman- Mr.A.R.A.Ramees

Vice Chairman – Mrs.Jansila Majeed

Secretary- Mr.Aiyoob Azmin

Assistant Secretaries – Mr.Naina Mohamed Abdullah

Mrs.Juwairyah Mohideen

Financial Secretary: Mr.A.A. Ariff

Members of the Committee Mr.A.J.Jawarz

Mr.Mohamed Wasim

Mr.I.Lafir. Niraz

Mr. Mihlar


Contact Info

17th, 1st Lane Kurumankadu, Vavuniya,+94 77 327 1426

332 Muslim College Road, Muslim Ward, Jaffna – +94 77 345 4190

Email; nmcsrinfo@gmail.com